About Me

I grew up on the east coast of Canada and I ran away to Toronto when I was 17. I took with me a love for the earth, ocean, and wildlife and it was instilled in me that these gifts are precious and should be preserved.

It’s taken me many years to get on the road becoming the hippie I was clearly destined to be, but here I am, accepting my fate travelling to my destiny. While I don’t have the green thumb to grow my own vegetables, or the ability to hunt for my own food (I’d cry if I killed an animal), I do believe in supporting those who do the dirty work for us. Hunters, gatherers, and makers.

Years ago, years and years ago, my kids came home with a Scholastic book order form. As a reader I always go through them and see what fun books there are, what would I have loved to read as a child, when I saw a book that would teach kids how to knit.

Well! Pen immediately in hand, I ordered that baby. Because if a book can teach kids how to knit, surely it can teach me!

Now, you have to understand this was before tutorial videos on YouTube were widely available. YouTube wasn’t for that, at this point.

When the book arrived I grabbed two pencils and some embroidery thread and followed the instructions. I successfully knit a tiny little scarf and felt confident enough to purchase needles and yarn.

Now I knit like a fiend. I feel like I’m¬†wasting precious time if I’m sitting in the evening and I’m not knitting. For me, it’s pleasure¬†first and selling knitted items second.

A few years ago I read an article about a woman who made her own deodorant and I had a “We can do that?” sort of reaction. So I set about to making my own and I used it off and on for two years, at which point I decided I didn’t like soft deodorant that you apply with your hand. I made a stick deodorant and I was in love.

You see, knitting takes time. Knitting isn’t like crochet. You can crochet a hat in 45 minutes. It takes 6 hours, depending on the style, to knit a hat. Making deodorant? That takes half an hour. Wonderful instant gratification!!

The skin care grew from there. It was always, “What can I make next?” as sort of an accomplishment and to feed my curiosity. I love reading about what a certain ingredient can do for your skin and how these ingredients, mashed together, can heal you.

That I can help people to live a life with less chemicals makes me happy, and if I can help with skin allergies or afflictions, then I’m ecstatic.