81 & 3/4

Have you ever met someone who is so filled with talent that you’re just in awe?

My friend Kristi is like that. There’s nothing she can’t do that isn’t a mini masterpiece and she’s so filled with creativity that she’s practically spilling over.

She’s told me some of her ideas for plays and they were brilliant, one in particular touched me deeply.  If anyone deserves unlimited grant money, it’s definitely her!

Meet Kristi. This is, by far, one of my favourite pictures of her. Her smile is so natural in this. What you don’t see is her beautiful hair, nor do you hear her amazing voice!



Kristi has many titles to her resume, botanical artist, handmade puppet artist, puppeteer – Puppet Wrangler is the one that amuses me the most – and she’s recently added a new specialty – Shop Owner.

Kristi opened a shop in the heart of the Beaches area in Toronto at 81 Beech Ave. You can’t miss it, it’s Gadabout yellow. Gadabout yellow? Here, let me show you.


This is Gadabout, her Puppet Mobile. Isn’t she the cutest? No, she’s not a VW, she’s actually a Subaru! Right hand drive! She has detachable eyelashes and she’s the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

So Kristi’s shop, 81 & 3/4, is in the Beaches and while you’re gadding about in the area, you should stop in and say hi to her. You won’t regret it. When you’re in Kristi’s presence, you feel calm and excited, and she’s such an enthusiastic soul, even when she’s flustered with life and its idiosyncrasies. Even when faced with annoyances, she’s still a wealth of happiness and positive outlook, with just enough sass to make her welcome delight.





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