More Than Just A Hat

According to google definitions?

toque tōk/


a woman’s small hat, typically having a narrow, closely turned-up brim.


a small cap or bonnet having a narrow brim or no brim.


a close-fitting knitted hat, often with a tassel or pom-pom on the crown.


What it doesn’t tell you is how good it feels to wear a toque when you’re out in the sub zero temperatures. Or how bereft you are when you’ve misplaced the one your aunt made for you. Or the memories a picture can bring back, of you outfitted in your winter gear and there’s the toque your Nana knit for you, may her sweet soul rest in peace.

Toque (and eh) is more than just a word for us. It’s more than just a knitted cap. It’s the knowledge that in a little more than a few letters, your home and your heart are on your sleeve. It’s a secret code for us: I am Canadian.



One more to go…


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