Bug Itch Sticks!

Sit down, kids, it’s story time.

A few months ago, hubby and I were sitting in the living room watching god only knows what. Knowing us it was hockey or Law & Order. Hubby starts scratching his wrist and says he’s been bitten by something. In typical Canadian fashion I say, “Aw, I’m sorry,” and carry on.

Meanwhile, my brain is poking my consciousness and pointing to the cabinet.

The next day, almost or more than 24 hours later, hubby is still scratching his itch. “Still itchy?” I ask, stupidly. Because obviously it is if it’s itchy. He replies in the affirmative.

Meanwhile, my brain is still poking my consciousness, a little more furiously this time, and arms are waving and building neon signs, pointing to the cabinet.

An hour or so passes, and finally my consciousness goes, “OHHHHHHHH” because over there, where my brain was pointing and waving to, there’s a cabinet filled with magical things waiting to be turned into an anti itch cream. So I made an anti itch cream for hubby and never thought more of it.

Until now.


We’re heading into camping season, beach season, summer nights season, drinking with the neighbours season, and that means mosquito season.

I’ve made up some Bug Itch Sticks. Please don’t confuse them with lip balms, ok?

These are good for any sort of an itch. Allergies, bug bites, bee stings (if the stinger is out of the skin). Simply dab a little on the itch and rub it in with clean fingers. I’ve chosen lip balm tubes so that if you’re out in the wild, camping, or on the road, you can stick this puppy in your pocket/bra/bikini/kitbag and it won’t take up any room at all.

As always, if you develop a rash, discontinue use right away!

There are zero chemicals in this Bug Itch Stick. Essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax. All but the beeswax have been proven to be effective against bug bites and the itchiness that follows. The beeswax cements it all together but it’s also non comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog your pores. It allows moisture in and out as your skin requires.


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