All Natural Deodorant – and it works!

If you won’t eat it, why wear it?

One of my most popular skin care items is the item that started it all – deodorant. 

I’ve been making my own deodorant for several years now, in different forms, and have cemented the recipe into what it is today – a stick form. I’ve got one for regular skin and one for sensitive skin, I make it with essential oils as well as fragrance oils. I also do unscented!

What’s the difference between natural deodorant and aluminum deodorant? Well, aluminum deodorant clogs your pores with harsh and heavy chemicals. And while we are told these are safe for us, in truth we really don’t know the long term effects. I will share this story. My bff’s ex-boyfriend used to get cysts in his pits that required very painful draining. His doctor told him it was due to his deodorant use. Say that again. He gets very painful cysts that fill with pus and need to be cut open to be drained. Imagine having open wounds in your armpits. Ok. Carrying on. 

So, while the FDA in the States may say aluminum deodorant doesn’t cause cancer, it definitely does cause other health issues. 

My natural deodorant covers the smell of body odour, it keeps the ph balance of your pits in check, and it’s chemical free! Some women have reported that my deodorant does help with sweating, some have said that it doesn’t. 

Our world is very populated with people and due to the requirements needed to feed the needs and wants of over 6 billion people, we create too much pollution, with too many chemicals. Finding ways to reduce the amount of chemicals we put on our bodies is important. I said at the beginning that if you can’t eat it would you wear it. What I mean is, your body absorbs what you put on it. If you think that just putting it on your skin means it’s harmless, you’re mistaken. What goes on your skin will end up in your bloodstream. 

So. There are numerous deodorant sticks out there. Buy mine, don’t buy mine. But do think about what you put on your body. 

Another fun skin care fact. And by fun I mean quasi terrifying. If you think fragrance free is healthier, I’m sorry to say it’s not. When you buy unscented or fragrance free products in store, there are actually more chemicals added to make that product fragrance free. To cover the smell of shea butter, for example, they’ll add a chemical to cover that shea butter smell. 

Don’t be afraid of skin care products, that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is to be aware of what you’re putting in your body. If you want to live a life with less chemicals, start off small. Deodorants are an easy way to start. 

Obviously you won’t eat your skin care. Don’t do that. That’s stupid. What I’m saying is, if you read the ingredients list and know it would probably kill you if you ate it, then it shouldn’t be on your skin. 

Please don’t eat your skin care products. 


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