The most Canadian word I can think of. 

I’ve been watching all my crafty bffs make beautiful Canada themed products, in celebration of Canada’s 150th governmental birthday (because clearly Canada is way older than 150!), and I’ve just not had any ideas as to what I could make.

I’m currently knitting a shirt for my coworker so even if I did want to knit something, I wouldn’t have the time to come up with something and have it made by Canada day. Knowing that, I didn’t really put much effort into any ideas and accepted that I was going to let this day pass us by without making anything. Which seems like a huge mistake on my part! Why would I pass up on this special day!! Alas, it seemed I was going to.

Until! I was talking to Maya of BKInspired on my fb page and suddenly an idea struck. I knew what I HAD to make. I couldn’t tell anyone, though, because the last time I told someone about an idea they stole it. So this was a little nugget i was keeping to myself! My preciousssssss.

Since I was wholly dedicated to the shirt for my coworker I had to wait until I was almost done (cuff and sleeves left to do!) before I could knit my idea into existence. I also needed a plan. When would I knit my idea while still focusing on his shirt? I mapped out my Knitty plans and felt confident in my ideas. Oh yes. IdeaS.

Two weeks later, this glorious bastard was born. I showed it to hubby and he suggested I put “150” on it. Dammit! Why didn’t I think of that! So I embroidered the 150 after it was done, which is why it looks kind of crappy. My embroidery skills are clearly lacking. Here’s a close up shot so you can see how crappy it is. Let’s all scrutinize my handiwork ha ha

I posted a teaser picture of the idea (which is the featured image you first see) on the Sunday and everyone loved it. Which was great! But I wasn’t quite done. I still had the icing on the cake, so to speak, to finish the idea off. Monday morning, I furiously finished it up, icing and all, and I was in love.

You know when you make something and it turns out and it’s amazing and so you can’t stop looking at it? Yep. I was in love. I loved my idea because it was simple in its design and I felt this accurately represented Canada and Canadians as a whole.

So then I posted the hat to IG and fb, because that’s what one does, and people loved it, and started asking about pricing and orders.

You see, I hadn’t even thought about making something to sell, only making something to celebrate. Sometimes I’m not a bright businessman.

Also, I only have 5 white pompoms and two more ideas planned. The math on the pompoms just isn’t gonna work out. So I ordered more pompoms and have set the availability for my hats for the fall. 50$ with a pompom, 40$ without, eventually available through my Etsy shop.

The most Canadian word I can think of, eh?


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